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OC: KM -NEW REF- by DreamLandWarrior
Old Tumblr Link:…
New Tumblr Link:…
First Reference:…
Second Reference:…
Current Reference Fresh-From-The-Scanner:
The Reference Sheet Featuring KM's Extra Melanin In Her Ear Gone
What's a Knob? This is==>…  
Name: Drew--although she doesn't remember that.
Nickname: Knob Master (KM)
Gender/Etc: She is an intersex trans girl(She/Her).
Personality: She’s rather blunt, making it clear on her opinions. She's incredibly quiet and overtly exclusive if she’s not comfortable with who she’s around. But when she opens up, she reveals how much of a mischievous, perverted, sadistic jerk she is. 
Orientation: Aromantic Asexual--she has a dirty mind, although sex repulsed.
Height: 6'4(Age 13) 6'7(Age 14--)
Weight: 143 LBS
Ethnicity and Race: She is mixed, being half Syrian from her mother and half Mexican from her father. 


Bullet; Green The Knob Masks: Made by three fully grown Knob seeds, they give whoever has the masks abilities based on the material the mask is made of. she has a Happy, Blood, Bone, Darkness and Skin one. She cannot see well through any of them.

   -The Happiness mask(yellow) is made of honey and plastic. Releases endorphins, dopamines and whatever else makes one 'happy'. 

   -The Blood mask(red) is made of blood, muscle and a bit of fabric. It can fix clothing, manipulate the blood and muscle(including healing it). The Blood Mask can not only accelerate blood pressure, but can form Blood Tentacles, Blood Daggers and Blood Branches. Blood Tentacles, while flexible, are hard to control(since blood is sloshing around inside them) and delicate. Blood Daggers are her favorites, being quick, more durable than a Blood Tentacle and great for offensive attacks. Blood Branches, although not flexible and can only aim in a singular direction, are sturdy, powerful and can branch out if KM misses her target. They're used for pinning and can branch out thorns to jab into KM's trapped foes. It uses a lot of blood, however.

   -The Bone Mask(white) is made of bone! Besides strengthening KM's bones along with healing them, thanks to Curious's science experiments--can teleport her! The distance is short, only covering 3 feet, but still is mighty useful.

   -The Skin Mask(cocoa) can heal skin! 

   -The Darkness Mask(black) is capable of creating distorted visuals, creating poision, making sounds seem as if coming from different directions than they are actually being emitted, forming voids, and give KM endless sturdy tentacles aligned with thorns. Also can flood black liquid. Formed by many different kinds of bodily fluids(mucus, stomach acids, tears, blood, etc). 

Bullet; Green She has an army of Knobs to use! They're a diverse bunch, ranging from silly Candy, Honey, Jam, Plant Sap Knobs to the offensive/tactical Coal, Bomb, Bone, Blood Knobs! They answer her every request, are excellent with team work and are loyal to their master--The Knob Master!
Bullet; Green She has Knob Tags-when placed upon her forehead, shift her into a Knob!

Bullet; Green She has a silver-colored baseball bat forged by her Knobs! 

Normal Biology:

Bullet; Orange She also has control over her teeth. She can make them to resemble a human's jawline, give her canines more point and size, make all her teeth sharp or all her teeth flat completely

Bullet; Orange Over sensitive hearing(originally she had hyperacusis but I realized that wouldn't fit exactly and could mislabel the disorder--even if her hearing and the disorder coexisted). She can control the form of her ears, making them pointed or normal.

Bullet; Orange Her mind is unreadable.

Bullet; Orange She physically sees things differently. Her pupils are shaped like commas, and because of this, her vision is warped to make everything shaped more like that. She can focus her pupils, dilating them at will. Her eyes also carry the power of the...

Although KM is simply human, she is from a mysterious kind indeed. She is among the humans with the States--humans with a defense mechanism which includes their actually durable eyes(still weak to lemons) spreading over their body. Pupils duplicate, covering most areas so nothing leaves their field of vision. When this is completed, the body goes on autopilot--judging by the states of reaction to danger the user has, it responds similarly. Every new form is covered in five more inches of eye substance. Interestingly, when the body goes on autopilot, KM can still witness what's going on and experience it despite not being in control. Her other states that are later booted out in favor of other responses can witness, too, despite not being more than a response.

Bullet; Red The Chaos State (…) is the first stage of the transformation. She is 7'0, able to jump at heights over 500 feet, stomp craters with ease and fire laser beams rapidly, this form of her responds with a "I'll just wing it" attitude, as this is KM's initial response to trouble. Being her weakest State form, she's quite easy to tame--if you're Curious. Her barks are high-pitched and painful to hear, especially her roars that sounds more like shrieking if anything. Hungers for physical hearts.

Bullet; Red The Hell State (…? q=gallery%3ADreamLandWarrior%2F44685332&qo=72) looks nearly identical to the Chaos State aside from having more pupils and being 7'5. This State responds to KM's second response to trouble--end it before it becomes worse. Being absolutely savage and destructive, it takes no chances with anybody--besides Curious, but she still isn't half as tame as the Chaos State. Her voice becomes more low, resembling that of a tiger. Her abilities are the same as the Chaos State, except more advanced. Also capable of swimming--although it's simply a doggie paddle. She can not jump at least 3,000 feet in the air with no momentum and crush mountains with ease so...yeah. Hungers for emotionally manifested hearts and physical hearts.

Bullet; Red The Lost State (…) reaches 7'10, and despite now capable of shooting homing-pellets, powerful beams, fast enough to break Mach 5 in seconds and strong enough to destroy the very universe itself--it's too cowardly to do half of that. KM's third response to trouble, if it somehow survives the Hell State--is utter terror. So, of course, this State is reclusive and wants nothing more than peace and quiet. If KM screeches enough(as in on the inside), you can actually hear her calls and make (minor)contact with her. Hungers for emotional hearts, physical hearts and souls/spirits/ghosts/etc.

Bullet; RedThe @%#$^ State (, or also known as the Grawlix State, is her final state. Towering at 8'2, she's more powerful than all the previous states combined and retains the abilities of all previous states. Her new unique ability is the ability to make force fields. KM is back in control, as her final response is doing things her way. Go ahead, throw a million nukes at her--it won't do shit. Can be activated by high levels of happiness and of course, the typical way. Hungers for emotional hearts, physical hearts, souls/spirits/ghosts/etc and minds.

Warning: Her back story is incredibly graphic and contains mentions/descriptions of murder, gore, rape, pedophilia, massacres, war and ghosts.


          Long before Drew(KM's real name) was born, a war was active. It was started by a man named Ecaf, who hunted children and women for their beautiful faces, which he would form masks out of and carry along him. He lead an army, and demanded control over a village with no set authorities or government. Refusing to sacrifice their land, women and children towards him, a war broke out that lasted ten years. It was stopped when Drew's mother murdered Ecaf and wiped out his entire army--no wonder as she is among the humans with the States! However, people still shook in fear at the thought of Ecaf, worried that his ghost will come to haunt the village. A special grave stone and tomb was created by Drew's father, where they placed his body in, buried deep in the forest near the village and (reluctantly) gave him a proper funeral. All the people attended the funeral, and agreed to make it a rule that nobody was to enter the forest in fear that his burial site would be disturbed.

          Fast forward a few years, and Drew is born. Even at age 5, people of the village had mixed feelings of her due to her States. People would try hard to become her friend--purely since the States gave mercy towards close ones. Drew found this obnoxious and dehumanizing, finding it hard to truly trust her friends. Fed up at her own reluctant isolation, she decided to venture into the forest, thinking that as long as she doesn't step too deep in, no harm is done! Besides, forests are adventures just waiting to be experienced after all. And there was--starting with her tripping down a steep hill, bumping into a tree and scraping her knee in the process. Upset by this injury, she sat and wept. Because of the impact, a seed pod fell onto her, hatching into three seeds. The seeds relocated themselves upon her knee, collecting the blood and forming a Blood Knob. Amazed by the newly discovered creature, she tried to create more Knobs out of dirt, grass and anything she could find. The Knobs were kind, following her orders without hesitation and showing no fear of her. She found herself exceptionally large seeds, which, when set on rock, burst through it and reformed it into a mask. A Rock Mask! She had no idea of the powers it had, and wore it. Completely forgetting her self-made promise, she ventured deeper into the forest. Thank god she was wearing a mask, as she tripped down a steeper hill--crashing into Ecaf's tomb. It broke a bit due to the Rock Mask's impact, and Drew got up with(seemingly) no damage. A spruce-colored gas seeped out of the soil, manifesting into Ecaf. He was infuriated at his burial site's disturbance, demanding to know who she was. She could give her age, but not her name. It was then that he realized she had forgotten her name, which gave him a brilliant idea. If he couldn't rest in peace, she couldn't live like that, either. He planted a curse on her, stating every five years(for that was her age), she would experience a traumatic event, which involved all that she has bonded over would drop dead, whether he would kill them or someone/something else would. She would also suffer physical scars, so that she could not dare forget what she had to go through. The only way for her to break this curse is if she were to somehow recall her name. He slit the bottom of KM's cheeks, physically scarring her as a reminder. Swiftly flying off into the village, he killed all the people within seconds--for everybody considered her a friend. He stranded her there, although she learned how to adapt in such extreme circumstances--although that did require her Chaos State to kick in while she passed out from starvation. She ate everyone in her village--even her dad, and managed to live of of the fruits and nuts in the forest areas. With no name, she referred to herself as the Knob Master. 

          Fast forward another five years, and KM has successfully not bonded with any human being. How could she? Nobody was there--at first, until some people managed to find their way in the village. One day, though, due to KM's curse, a king had their people relocated to the village. He thought nobody existed in this village, and found the resources to be plentiful! However, he was a _cruel_ king, who rejected criticism and would slaughter anyone that wouldn't work enough, was homeless--or anyone he simply didn't like, his army was even equipped with weapons designed to inflict pain over inflict death. In fact, he planned to wipe out anyone he didn't like, allowing the soldiers to rape freely in order to populate his utopia-to-be-made. The anxiety enough motivated KM to sterilize her own body to a degree where she had no genitals-not even sexual organs. KM managed to avoid the King's sight, until she one day stepped outside to obtain more materials for her Knobs. She was quickly stopped by a soldier, who immediately demanded that she show respect for the king and his soldiers, commanding that she were to bow done. Refusing, she simply jabs his nose with a blood dagger before he left, intimidated by her over confidence and refusal to obey. That same day, she peered out of a crack in her cabin to find a girl named Ash. She was going to ignore her, until the same soldier confronted her. He demanded that she submit and become the king's wife. Refusing, he grows angry and is about to force her to follow before receiving a stab through the back of his mouth with a blood dagger. KM takes in the girl for shelter(although Ash does not trust her), caring after her safety. At first, she constantly whined, having quite a big mouth for simply a seven year old. She does warm up to her, though. And although things were fine from the two weeks Ash was over, especially since the King has not harmed anyone in a while, it was quite the opposite. He was planning to send a few soldiers to KM's house to torture them because of her harming a soldier. While holding KM back by strapping her to a chair, the King's symbol was carved onto her face as she was forced to watch Ash get stabbed, force fed poison and eventually killed before her. Being completely helpless as the King threatened rape against Ash, she was freed soon after the murder, as the soldiers believed she would "soon commit suicide" from the incident. Using poison, blood and other fluids from Ash, she formed the Darkness Mask. Killing the soldier that held Ash so his partner could kill her, the other soldier rushed out as KM demanded he tell the King. She wanted him to be afraid. Reaching the castle, she successfully wiped out the entire army along with the King--oddly similar to her mother killing Ecaf. Turning Ash's brain into a knob, she vowed to never bond with anyone again, knowing full well it'll only be blood on her hands. 


Bullet; Black She has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD).
Bullet; Black Has insomnia.
Bullet; Black Loves Spring as it gives her the most joy out of all the seasons, and because of Spring, green is her favorite color. 
Bullet; Black She cannot swim.
Bullet; Black She isn't completely illiterate, although she does have difficulty reading out letters and numbers--and not just because her overlapped masks give her poor vision.
Bullet; Black She suffers from muscle spasms and cramps.
Bullet; Black She loves any food green--especially vegetables and fruits. Her favorite food are cucumbers, as they have the perfect watery, solid, crispy and soft blend for her.
Bullet; Black She is a cannibal who has little to no morals to hold her aggression back. That being said, she tortures people if she renders them helpless in fights.
Carry by DreamLandWarrior
I haven't posted her here's the Tumblr post covering her
She has a curse so her body is dead, but she somehow has inconsistent age jumps.
Tumblr Ref of her:…
Tumblr Link:…


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